How To Remove Old Tint

Removing Tint from car windows

.Tools needed:

A Water Bottle filled with water and 2 table spoons of dish washing detergent such as lemon joy.  

A 1-2in. scraper blade and holder.  Any hardware store would carry it.  Always use a new blade old blades can scratch glass.

Triple "ooo" or finer steel wool used for scrubbing off remaining adhesive, anything courser may cause scratches.  Always test a small area first.

Black plastic large trash bag.  Used for soaking film on rear windows.

Removing Tint from side windows:   

Removing tint from side windows  is fairly easy.  First attempt to peel film off from a corner.  You may need to use the scraper blade to scrape up a piece .  The film may pull off in one piece or in small strips.  Keep using the scraper blade as needed to aid in pulling off the film.

Once all the film is removed, spray the window well and glide the scraper blade along the glass scraping up the glue.  Remember to keep the window wet, and do the removal in the shade.  Change the blade often you may need up to two blades per window.  This process can get messy, so use a lot of paper towels to clean and discard the adhesive.

You may use the steel wool to clean up any remaining adhesive left from scraping.

Removal of rear windows with defrosters

Because you cannot scrap rear windows which will damage the defrosters, you must make sure the film comes off in one piece instead of small strips.

The best way to insure this is to steam the film before pulling it off.  Here's how to do it.  Take a plastic trash bag, cut two sides so that it opens up into a large plastic sheet (no longer a bag).  Cut the sheet to fit the size of the window.  Spray the (soak) the inside of the rear window where the old film is, place the plastic sheet on the inside and set the rear window facing the Sun.  The hotter it gets the better.  Leave it in the sun for 15 minutes. and test pull a corner.  If the film doesn't easily pull off, leave it in the sun awhile longer and keep trying.

Make sure that ALL the laminates come off in one piece.  It's rare for the film to delaminate (that is one layer comes off leaving a thin layer still on the glass) this is trouble.  You may have to resteam if this happens and hope it comes off.  If you see this start to happen stop and bring it in to a professional.

Once the film is off spray the window well and scrub with steel wool DO NOT use a scraper blade over defrosters.  Discard steel wools once it becomes gummy and use new until all the adhesive is off.

It sometimes helps to use pure amonia to cut the adhesive but, I suggest staying with the soap and water and a lot of scrubbing
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Our special adhesive softener penetrates the polyester film to cut the adhesive.    Now you can remove rear windows with out damaging your defroster lines.

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