Questions and Answers about our product

What if I'm unhappy with the item (s) I receive ?

Because you patterns are custom cut to fit your specific car, we cannot accept returns. Please ask any questions or address any concerns before you purchase.

What is the warranty on the products?

We warranty against bubbling for a period of 5 years. This warranty covers replacement of material only. 

What are my payment options? 

Our automated shopping cart will allow you to not only pay by credit card but, by personal check or money order. No COD orders. 

How long will it take to receive my products?

We usually ship within 3 days, U.S. Mail, you should receive your products in 7-10 days. Your card will not be charged until we are ready to ship. 

Is it safe to use my credit card?

Yes. Your credit card info stays on a secure site and never gets transmitted or emailed over the net.

What if I mess up a window?

You can reorder any piece you need by going to our website and ordering just that window.

What all comes in my kit?

Your precut kit comes complete with enough film to tint the rear doors and rear window of your car. You must purchase front windows and windshield visor strips separately.  Please check your local laws before making purchases.

What if I don't need the video and/or tool kit?

We now offer the ability to order just the film with out any accessories for those who only want the tint.

Do you offer any installation support?

We have tried to provide you with all the tools and instructions you need to complete the installation on your own. If you have never tinted before we recommend purchase of our video. We do not provide live phone support.

How long will it take to tint my car?

With our precut patterns the average car will take 2 hours to complete. If you were to cut the patterns yourself it would take 4 hours.

I don't see my car listed, am I out of luck?

First thing to do is email us because we cannot possibly put every single car on our shopping cart. We may have your car on the computer even though it's not listed on our site. However, if we don't have the patterns to your car you may purchase our universal
car kit which provides you with the film to tint your car and the video does cover cutting instructions.

What is metalized film? 

Our film is a hybrid of metal and dye.  The metalized layer gives the film the heat rejection and the fade resistance.  The dyed layer gives the film that rich charcoal or gray appearance.  So your tint will have the nice gray look with the heat and fade resistance without looking like a mirror.

Do you carry the bronze color tint?

Yes we do carry bronze.  If you have a special request like this, then request "none" in the shade choice and put in comments what film you want.

Is window tinting hard to do?

Yes, it does take skill but, if you are a true do-it-yourselfer then you can do it.  Many beginners are tinting their own cars. With our kits it's even easier!! Cutting the patterns is the hardest part of window tinting, and we've done that for you! We've provided the tools and instructions so that just about anyone can tint their own car!  The average do-it-yourselfer can get a professional end result. 

How do I order my kit?

Just go to our Store and click on your car.